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Dinner Party Classics

Cost: £160

Dinner Party Classics 

7 Hours    Cost £160

Date:        Friday 1st October                 Time: 10am-5pm Sold Out

Date:        Sunday October 24th            Time: 10am-5pm  Sold Out

With this class you will never have to wonder what to cook for guests again. We will teach you show stopping classics for every course with a Jerusalem Artichoke soup, a Lobster Thermidor, a herb crusted rack of lamb and a pear Tart Tatin.

As well as making everything below, lunch included with wine, plus coffee and pastries on arrival

  • A Jerusalem artichoke soup with roasted hazelnuts and brown butter. This creamy and velvety soup is the perfect starter to any seasonal dinner party. This true french classic was invented in the 60s but is still winning prizes to this day!
  • We will include a Lobster Thermidor, created in 1891 by a former assistant to one of the greatest chefs of all time, Augustus Escoffer. A king of the sea, this particular shellfish is used to create an unbeatable showstopper of a dish.
  • Herb crusted roasted rack of lamb with star anise baby carrot, fondant potatoes and a rosemary and tomato jus. We will be using locally sourced lamb for this main course, and taking a modern approach to this original guard of honour. It is a delicate in appearance but a true heavyweight in the culinary world.
  • Pear Tart Tatin. Tarte Tatin was discovered purely by chance by two sisters named Tatin who accidentally burnt the caramel on top of an apple pie, inadvertently creating the delicious Tatin we know and love today. We will be teaching our own twist on this dish using pears and finishing the day with a fabulous homemade chocolate truffle.

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