Cooking Lessons

Plant based Cooking for Beginners

Cost: £60

2.5 Hours

Date: Wednesday 1st April 2020      Time: 6pm – 8:30pm

Veganism is becoming ever more popular in the modern day, but it can be a bit of a mine field when starting out. What can, and what can’t you eat, are you getting the right foods into your body, do you have to just eat salads? All sorts of questions may flicker through your mind, which is why we are proudly introducing our new plant based cooking course. In this course, not only will we teach you some delicious meals, but we’ll also discuss the best substitutes for meat and dairy, discuss what foods to look for and what foods to avoid. This is a truly remarkable course for anyone delving into the world of plant based diets or meals.

On the course you will learn how to make

  • Vegan Pasta
  • Vegan Chilli with Rice & Avocado Salsa
  • Hummus with Pickled Crudites
  • Curried Lentil Side Salad

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