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Pasta Workshop

Cost: £85

Thursday 25th April 2024 – 10am-1.30pm

Friday 28th June 2024 – 10am – 1.30pm     – – – SOLD OUT – – –


Master the Art of Fresh Pasta Making in Our Italian Pasta Masterclass!

Indulge in an immersive culinary experience where you’ll discover the traditional techniques of Italian pasta making. Under the guidance of our experienced chef, you’ll learn how to create delicious fresh pasta from scratch, including ravioli, tortellini, spaghetti, and more.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pasta enthusiast, this 3.5-hour course will equip you with the skills to craft pasta to perfection and create sensational sauces and fillings.

What’s Included:

Welcome Drink on Arrival: Start your pasta-making journey with a refreshing beverage as you prepare to delve into the world of Italian culinary artistry.

Variety of Pasta Making Demos: Watch and learn as our chef demonstrates the techniques for making different types of pasta, from rolling out dough to shaping ravioli and tortellini.

Hands-On Pasta Making: Roll up your sleeves and get hands-on experience in making your own pasta from scratch. Our chef will guide you through each step, ensuring you create pasta with the perfect texture and flavuor.

Introduction to Pasta Sauces: Discover the secrets behind creating delicious pasta sauces that complement your handmade creations. Learn classic Italian sauce recipes that will elevate your pasta dishes to new heights.

Make Fantastic Fillings and Accompaniments: Explore the world of pasta fillings and accompaniments, from savoury ricotta and spinach for ravioli to delectable sauces that will bring your pasta dishes to life.

Prepare Your Own Pasta Dishes: Roll, shape, and cook your pasta creations to perfection. Then you’ll be able to enjoy a delightful lunch with your fellow chefs.

Take Home a Recipe Pack: Bring the flavors of Italy into your own kitchen with a comprehensive recipe pack. You’ll have all the guidance you need to recreate these mouthwatering dishes at home and impress your family and friends.


Why Choose Our Italian Pasta Masterclass?

  • Learn From the Experts: Benefit from the expertise of our chefs who have years of experience in crafting authentic Italian pasta.
  • Hands-On Experience: Get hands-on with pasta-making techniques, from dough preparation to shaping, ensuring you leave with practical skills you can use time and time again.
  • Creative Exploration: Experiment with different fillings and sauces, unleashing your creativity to create unique and delicious pasta dishes.
  • Enjoy a Meal Together: Share a meal with your fellow chefs, celebrating the joy of freshly made pasta and the camaraderie of cooking together.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Pasta-Making Adventure!

Reserve your spot today and immerse yourself in the art of Italian pasta making. Whether you’re a pasta novice or a seasoned enthusiast, this class promises to be a culinary delight!


NB: This course can be made suitable for vegetarians. This course is not adaptable for Vegan/Gluten Free guests.

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