Overview Calendar

DateCourse NameStart TimePriceDuration
June 2024
Wednesday 26th JuneAll About; Sushi, Sashimi & Gyoza
– – SOLD OUT – –
1pm£853.5 Hours
Thursday 27th JuneIntroduction To Cooking and Knife Skills10am£170Full Day Course
Friday 28th JunePasta Workshop
– – SOLD OUT – –
10am£853.5 Hours
July 2024
Tuesday 30th JulyMexican Street Food
– – SOLD OUT – –
1pm£853 Hours
Wednesday 31st JulyMiddle Eastern Mezze Takeaway10am£853.5 Hours
Wednesday 31st JulyIndian Curry Club – Takeaway6pm£852.5 Hours
* * We’re closed throughout August due to private events * *
September 2024
Wednesday 11th SeptemberFish Masterclass10am£170Full Day Course
Thursday 12th SeptemberIndian Curry Club – Takeaway2pm£852.5 Hours
Friday 13th SeptemberAutumn Dinner Party10am£170Full Day Course

**If you or any of the attendees have any dietary requirements/allergies please note this at the time of booking.

We will adjust menus to accommodate dietary requirements for courses when possible but this cannot be guaranteed.

Please inform us prior to the course commencement date.