Cooking Lessons

Thai Curry Club

Cost: £85


Wednesday 24th April 2024 – 5pm-7.30pm

Embark on a Journey Across Asia in Our Thai Curry Club!

Curries are a beloved staple in cuisines around the world, each with its unique blend of spices and flavors. Join us for an ever-changing course that will take you on a culinary adventure across Asia, showcasing some of the best and most flavorful curries. Discover how different ingredients and spices come together to create rich, aromatic pastes that will elevate your cooking at home.

What’s on the Menu:

  • Thai Chicken Massaman Curry: Indulge in the richness and creaminess of a classic Thai Chicken Massaman Curry. This dish is relatively mild in flavor but packs a punch with its blend of spices and tender chicken. A firm favourite on Thai menus that you’ll now master in your own kitchen.
  • Thai Vegetable Green Curry: Experience the classic Thai Vegetable Green Curry, but with a twist! Our chef will share secrets to elevate this beloved dish to new heights. Learn to balance flavours and textures for a curry that’s fresh, vibrant, and bursting with goodness.
  • Sticky Rice: No Thai meal is complete without Sticky Rice! Master the art of creating perfectly cooked and deliciously sticky rice that’s the perfect accompaniment to your curries.


Included in the Course:

Welcome Tea and Coffee on Arrival: Start your culinary journey with a warm beverage as you prepare to delve into the world of Asian spices and flavors.

All Aprons, Kitchen Equipment, and Ingredients Provided: Leave your worries behind – we’ve got everything covered! Just bring your passion for cooking and learning.

Recipe Pack to Take Home: Take home the essence of our class with a comprehensive recipe pack, ensuring you can recreate these mouthwatering curries and sticky rice in your own kitchen.

Don’t Forget Your Tubs: Be sure to bring along containers for any leftovers! While we have disposables available for a small charge, bringing your own tubs ensures you can enjoy your curry creations later.


Learn Authentic Techniques: Discover the secrets of creating authentic Asian curries from scratch, including making fragrant pastes and mastering the art of sticky rice.

Experience Versatility: Curries are versatile and adaptable – learn how to adjust spices to suit your preferences and create a variety of dishes at home.

Expand Your Culinary Repertoire: Impress friends and family with your newfound skills in crafting aromatic curries that transport your taste buds to Thailand.



N.B Please arrive 10/15 minutes early to enjoy a welcome drink with your fellow chefs.  A licensed bar will be available throughout the class. 

Allergen note: Peanuts will be used in this class and so it is not suitable for individuals with allergies.

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